About Moneysavemum

Hi. My name is Debs. I am a mum to three children, a wife, full time worker, fundraiser, dog owner (3 German Shepherds!) and determined to save money!

After the last Christmas where I used vouchers, discount codes and cash back on pretty much all of my purchases, I managed to reduce my Christmas spend in half. 

So I wondered if this year I could do better. With saving cards, earning points, completing surveys, discount codes and cash back I am aiming for a totally ‘free’ Christmas!

To keep me on track and motivated I am going to keep a blog of how I am doing, reviews of what I use and anything else that is money saving useful!

So where am I now?

It’s the end of January and I have so far:

  • £10 Morrisons vouchers
  • £65 Love2Shop vouchers
  • £50 Asda card
  • £20 Nectar points
  • £10 Boots advantage points

It’s a good start but there is a long way to go if last Christmas was anything to go by!

That’s it for now but feel free to follow me on Twitter @moneysavemum where I tweet about offers, savings, websites and anything else that could help save a few pennies! 



4 thoughts on “About Moneysavemum

    1. moneysavemum Post author

      Hi! Morrisons are from the match & more scheme they have. Asda – I save every month on a gift card. Love2shop are mainly from Park – you pay monthly and they come at the end of the year. I also use survey sites such as Toluna and My Survey to earn points that I can exchange for vouchers. And Bounts to earn points for exercising! I’ll be posting about all of these ways over the next few weeks. Some links are already on my Twitter feed! Thanks!!!



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