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Boots No7 Free Gift Offer

I don’t wear make up very often so when I went to my mascara last week I was gutted to find it was all gone. So mascara, along with tinted moisturiser was on my list of buy when it’s worth it. 

This week Boots had an offer on their No7 range. Buy two items get a free gift. 

I ordered my tinted moisturiser and mascara online (£12 each). I have a discount card for Boots which lowered the cost to £9.30 each. Good start. I gained advantage points too (72) and of course I went through TopCashBack which gave me 47p. 

I also used the free delivery to store as I pass it most days anyway. 

So I ended up paying £18.60 for tinted moisturiser, mascara and a free No7 gift. 


The free gift is lovely. It contains:

Beautiful dry skin rescue 25ml

Lovely lashes mascara

Nail care strength and growth treatment 10ml

Stay perfect eye shadow in middle shade

Money Saving Expert estimate that this gift is worth £21. 

I’m putting it away for a gift. Not sure who for yet!

So my £24 order cost £18.60, I made 47p cashback and 72p worth of points – this makes my order £17.41 but if you take off another £21 for the free gift I’m actually up £3.59 


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I just love a bargain!

I know it is already nearly the end of February but I thought I would put down on my blog how a January sales bargain ended up as moneysavemum.

I am slightly addicted to counting the number of steps I do in a day. As I have an iPhone I was using an app called Moves as well as the HealthKit app already installed. The biggest problem was I kept forgetting to have my phone with me, especially in the office, and would miss out on loads of steps per day. This also meant that I was losing out on Bounts points! (An app & website that gives you points for exercising to exchange for shopping vouchers. Interested? Use referral code hill119 to get an extra 100 points.)

So I decided to treat myself in the January sales to a Jawbone. I originally wanted a FitBit but couldn’t justify the cost.


After researching online I found that Boots had a JawboneUP24 in red reduced from £99 down to £29.99. I have a discount card for Boots so that brought the cost down to £26.25. As I have been saving my Advantage Card points for a ‘rainy day’ I used those too which brought the cost down to £0.00.

But this is where it gets really fun! I went through the website TopCashBack (Click to go to the site) to order this product and they gave me £2.12 in cashback!

So my JawboneUP24 which originally cost £99 actually paid me to buy it. One step tracker and £2.12 extra in the bank. Result!

Not to mention all of the extra points from Bounts that I would have missed out on now that my Jawbone is always on my wrist!

Realising I can do this more than once, it inspired me to set up moneysavemum and even if I only help one person save money then it was worth it!

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How much for a pair of trainers?!?

Ever been asked for something by a child only to realise it is ridiculously expensive?

My 14 year old recently asked for a new pair of trainers. In his defence he did say they wouldn’t be needed until April but he knew exactly which ones he wanted. £75 Adidas Flux, specifically the black ones with white sole. 

£75! Really?!?
I said I would have a look but couldn’t guarantee anything.  
Well then next plan was to knock a third off the price and get them for under £50. The husband would have bought them at full price but I just couldn’t justify that much on a pair of trainers that he will grow out of in a matter of months. 

I managed to find some for £58 after cashback and voucher codes but that wasn’t good enough. 

Then last night a Twitter message popped up from @babyandtotsshop – they had found them on Amazon for £52! Almost there! I had £9 in gift cards left on my account so BOOM £75 trainers for a grand total of £43. And free delivery. 

I can’t wait to see his face when they arrive!!

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How to make receipts work for you

Every time we go shopping we end up with a wallet or bag full of receipts. So here are a few ways to make those receipts work for you and earn you extra money.

Simply click on the names to be taken to the site to register.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a free app to download where you simply take photos of your receipts and let the app do the rest. Receipts from places such as Asda, Boots, Poundland, Wilko, Toys R Us, earn you ‘coins’. The amount depends on the value of your receipt. You also get a sweepstakes entry.

Other stores such as Currys, Ikea, Primark, Waterstones, earn you spins on the Hog Slots where you can win more coins.

There are also extra incentives such as taking photos of receipts every week for a month for extra coins and the longer you use the app the more incentives you can earn.

You can redeem the coins for Amazon vouchers or have a deposit into your PayPal account. 1000 coins is a £3 Amazon voucher.

Use code sass6354 when you sign up for five free spins!


There are a few apps that will gove you cashback on purchases but I find this one is the best on as you can get 25p for buying milk and you only have to earn £4 to be able to ‘cashout’.


This is very similar to Shopitize however you can scan any receipt to be in with a chance of winning £100. You can generally enter 20 times a month. There are also cashback offers on groceries.


I also use TopCashBack not only for my online purchases but you can also get cashback on some of your groceries.

Everyone has there own preferences on which cashback sites and apps to use, I have just found these to be pretty good for me.

*This is not a paid post, all opinions are my own.


Apps and Websites I use

I’m all for earning money for free or minimal input. The more interesting the better too! Below is a list of some of the websites/apps that I am currently using to help me save/make money for Christmas 2016.

My Survey UK

This is a survey site where you complete surveys for points that can be redeemed for shopping vouchers or even actual products. I generally get invited to anywhere between 5 and 30 surveys a week, each earning me around 50-80 points. You are screened out of some early on in the process but I find I have a higher rate of completing surveys than other sites. 690 points can be redeemed for a £5 Compliments voucher. This is very easily achievable within a month.


Another survey site who also has a pretty good app that you can download for free. Surveys generally earn you anything between 1000 and 3500 points and 10700 points is £20 in Love2Shop vouchers. I managed this in under three months.


This is predominantly an app that is free to download and you take on quick surveys whilst shopping to earn money. This can be redeemed for vouchers or a pre-paid Mastercard. You can even donate your earnings to charity. There are also survey invites direct to your inbox. I only complete the shopping challenges and I have already made £45 since October.


Bounts is a brilliant way of earning points that can be redeemed for shopping vouchers by just walking or exercising. Their website and app are very easy to use and you simply connect your exercise apps such as Map My Walk, FitBit, Moves app, HealthKit, Jawbone and more. You can also earn points by attending a location within their directory such as gyms and leisure centres. If you use the referral code hill119 when you join, you will get an extra 100 points after your first logged activity.


This is a free to download app where you make a ‘pact’ to exercise and/or eat healthy. I am currently set up for three sessions of exercise per week and 4 days logging my food. You can also log vegetable and fruit eaten to earn more. Every Wednesday you get paid for what you have achieved. Beware though, if you don’t complete your ‘pact’ you will be charged a minimum of $5 per missed session.

To join any of these sites, please click on their names and it will take you there. Dont forget the referral code for Bounts! Hill119

Next time will be how to make money from your shopping receipts!

This is not a sponsored post – all views are my own


Christmas Savings – Why I use Park

I find saving really hard. REALLY hard. I always seem to find something urgent that needs paying for, whether its a school trip, holey shoe, gym competition that I haven’t budgeted for and so of course the savings get raided.

Last year I decided to try something that I remember my mum doing years ago. I signed up to Park Christmas Savings and ordered £100 of Love2Shop vouchers. This was going to cost be £2.22 a week for 45 weeks. And they would be delivered before Christmas. What sold it to me was even if I didn’t pay the full £100 I would still get back the equivalent to the nearest £10 in vouchers that I have paid in.


I made sure I paid every month – on pay day – so that I didn’t forget. You can set up a Direct Debit but I preferred to be able to change the payment if I needed too. I actually paid more that necessary each month so that the full £100 was in 35 weeks. Then less that a month later, the vouchers were on my doorstep.

They proved invaluable last year, I just wish I had more.

Which is what I have done this year. I have ordered £150 worth of Love2Shop vouchers and I have already paid £65 towards them so as long as I carry on this way, I may amend my order to £200.


Park Christmas Savings don’t only do Love2Shop vouchers – I just have these as they are accepted in so many places that I shop (full list is here). They also do various supermarket vouchers, Amazon, Argos, Debenhams, Thomas Cook as well as Christmas gifts and hampers.


  • Easy to set up
  • Regular weekly/monthly payments
  • You don’t lose any money if you stop paying in
  • Lots of choice


  • You don’t earn any interest like you would if you put the money into a savings account
  • The hampers are quite expensive – shopping around for the same products would be cheaper

You could even become a Park agent and earn commission on orders from friends and family.

Give it a go. You can order anything from £10 upwards in vouchers and they make great emergency gifts too!

Do you have any experiences of Park Christmas Savings? Or do you use another company? I would love to hear your views.


**This is not a sponsored post, all views are my own