How much for a pair of trainers?!?

Ever been asked for something by a child only to realise it is ridiculously expensive?

My 14 year old recently asked for a new pair of trainers. In his defence he did say they wouldn’t be needed until April but he knew exactly which ones he wanted. £75 Adidas Flux, specifically the black ones with white sole. 

£75! Really?!?
I said I would have a look but couldn’t guarantee anything.  
Well then next plan was to knock a third off the price and get them for under £50. The husband would have bought them at full price but I just couldn’t justify that much on a pair of trainers that he will grow out of in a matter of months. 

I managed to find some for £58 after cashback and voucher codes but that wasn’t good enough. 

Then last night a Twitter message popped up from @babyandtotsshop – they had found them on Amazon for £52! Almost there! I had £9 in gift cards left on my account so BOOM £75 trainers for a grand total of £43. And free delivery. 

I can’t wait to see his face when they arrive!!

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