I just love a bargain!

I know it is already nearly the end of February but I thought I would put down on my blog how a January sales bargain ended up as moneysavemum.

I am slightly addicted to counting the number of steps I do in a day. As I have an iPhone I was using an app called Moves as well as the HealthKit app already installed. The biggest problem was I kept forgetting to have my phone with me, especially in the office, and would miss out on loads of steps per day. This also meant that I was losing out on Bounts points! (An app & website that gives you points for exercising to exchange for shopping vouchers. Interested? Use referral code hill119 to get an extra 100 points.)

So I decided to treat myself in the January sales to a Jawbone. I originally wanted a FitBit but couldn’t justify the cost.


After researching online I found that Boots had a JawboneUP24 in red reduced from £99 down to £29.99. I have a discount card for Boots so that brought the cost down to £26.25. As I have been saving my Advantage Card points for a ‘rainy day’ I used those too which brought the cost down to £0.00.

But this is where it gets really fun! I went through the website TopCashBack (Click to go to the site) to order this product and they gave me £2.12 in cashback!

So my JawboneUP24 which originally cost £99 actually paid me to buy it. One step tracker and £2.12 extra in the bank. Result!

Not to mention all of the extra points from Bounts that I would have missed out on now that my Jawbone is always on my wrist!

Realising I can do this more than once, it inspired me to set up moneysavemum and even if I only help one person save money then it was worth it!

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