Boots No7 Free Gift Offer

I don’t wear make up very often so when I went to my mascara last week I was gutted to find it was all gone. So mascara, along with tinted moisturiser was on my list of buy when it’s worth it. 

This week Boots had an offer on their No7 range. Buy two items get a free gift. 

I ordered my tinted moisturiser and mascara online (£12 each). I have a discount card for Boots which lowered the cost to £9.30 each. Good start. I gained advantage points too (72) and of course I went through TopCashBack which gave me 47p. 

I also used the free delivery to store as I pass it most days anyway. 

So I ended up paying £18.60 for tinted moisturiser, mascara and a free No7 gift. 


The free gift is lovely. It contains:

Beautiful dry skin rescue 25ml

Lovely lashes mascara

Nail care strength and growth treatment 10ml

Stay perfect eye shadow in middle shade

Money Saving Expert estimate that this gift is worth £21. 

I’m putting it away for a gift. Not sure who for yet!

So my £24 order cost £18.60, I made 47p cashback and 72p worth of points – this makes my order £17.41 but if you take off another £21 for the free gift I’m actually up £3.59 


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