Walking for shopping vouchers

I have an addiction.
I am addicted to counting the number of steps I do. I have a Jawbone UP24 (see my blog post about that bargain here) and also use the Moves App and the Heathkit App on my iPhone.

When I go for a walk, I track it using Map My Run and if I go for a run or cycle I use Strava! 

Apart from feeding my addiction for exercise data to track, analyse and improve it also allows me earn points from Bounts that I can then swap for shopping vouchers (generally Morrisons ones at the moment to save for Christmas.)

The premise is simple. Sign up and use referral code hill119 sync your exercise or walking app and start earning points. Using the code above will get you an extra 100 points. 

Some of the apps Bounts sync with are:

  • Moves
  • Strava
  • Mapmyfitness
  • Run keeper
  • Fitbit
  • Jawbone

You can also earn points by ‘checking in’ at a location such as your local gym or leisure centre. There is a huge number of check in places on their location map. 

 Bounts points 
And, if you connect your social media accounts you get extra points for your first activity each day. 

Each activity not only earns you points but also spins on a reward wheel where you can win further points. 

If you are raising money for Cancer Research you can link your fundraising page to Bounts and earn even more!!

A £5 Morrisons voucher costs 1389 points that’s realistic over a couple of months. You can exchange points for a wide variety of vouchers including supermarkets, clothes, hardware stores etc. 

 morrisons shopping voucher 
It’s a really easy way to get vouchers for minimal effort – other than the exercising of course!! 

Another plus side – it’s made me walk a lot more!!

Register with Bounts and use referral code hill119 to get an extra 100 points!

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This is not a paid post. All views are my own. 


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