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Are surveys worth it?

There are loads and loads of survey sites out there, Toluna, GSK, iPoll, etc. They all want to know what you think of products, utilities, shopping habits, what you drink, watch on tv, even the last time you went to the doctors. 

But are they worth it?

I have spent hours signing up to various survey sites and some are definitely better than others. I’ve found some have never got surveys for me whereas others send me them almost every hour!

At the minute I am spending most my time on My Survey UK. This site seems to have the best surveys for me.  A lot are based around shopping and children so they are ideal for me and I do seem to have a high completion rate. 

Screened out

screened out

This is so annoying!!! A survey can screen you out anywhere from the first tithe last question so you could spend 20 minutes of your time just to be told you no longer fit the demographic or the survey is now closed! It’s soul destroying but something you have to put up with when completing surveys. 

Toluna is another of my go-to sites but I am starting to receive less and less survey invites from them. 

Since I started completing surveys last September, I have made around £70 in vouchers plus some free samples to test. It’s not bad and bolsters my shopping vouchers for Christmas but I can’t rely solely on surveys. 

I’m currently on £30 for this year and expect another £10 within the next few days all from My Survey UK. I swap the points I earn for Compliments vouchers which can be used in loads of high street shops. 

What survey sites do you have most success on?

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Make do and mend

I love sewing. I spent a long time when my children were young seeing clothes, bags and lots of other trinkets. I really enjoyed it and made use of old clothes, bed linen and scraps of material so I didn’t spend money. 

I recently found my old blog that shows some of the items I made including a pyjama set for my son out of a bed sheet!  

pyjamas He’s not that little anymore!
My favourite thing has to be my daughters Princess Jasmine costume (part of the jewellery was made from a football cone!) and a bag made from an old pair of her jeans. 

princess jasmine costume Princess Jasmine
 jeans bag  
You can see my old blog here. It brought back so many memories!

I think I need to get back to sewing!!

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April update

It’s the start of another month so it’s time to take a look at how much I have saved for Christmas 2016 so far.
Again, I have been far too lazy when it comes to completing surveys. The plan is to do at least 5 a week this month to try and increase my vouchers.
Saved for Christmas 2016 so far:

£110 Love2Shop vouchers

£30 compliments vouchers (I marked these as Love2Shop vouchers last month. Oops!)

£20 Morrisons vouchers

£100 Asda gift card

£20 Nectar points

£12 Boots Advantage points

I’m really happy with these totals but I need to step it up this month!

Hopefully an update at the beginning of May will be awesome!

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