Charity shop bargains

I love charity shops. There can be some fantastic things for really great prices. A colleague once bought a Louis Vuitton handbag for £6. Turns out it was worth a couple of hundred pounds. I’m never that lucky!

Today, however at my local Cancer Research shop I spent a grand total of £6 and got a special item in the mix. 

I started off with a new bag. I wasn’t looking for a bag but I loved the colour of this one. I have no idea where it is from as there are no labels but the tassels had me sold! £2!

new bag - mustard colour
I started looking through the rails and came across this little H&M stunner. I love the neon pink across the bottom. £1. 

h&m top
The children’s books were on offer – 2 for £1 so I picked up two Dirty Bertie books for the kids that look like they haven’t even been read. £1

dirty bertie books
Finally I had one last look at the rails and came across this. It may be my bargain of the year! An Armani Exchange best for £2!!!! The design is all beading and so pretty!

armani exchange vest
I dread to think how much this cost new. Definitely way above what I would pay but £2? Well who could resist?!?

So £6 and 20 minutes well spent on a sunny Saturday afternoon!

What charity shop bargains have you found?

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2 thoughts on “Charity shop bargains

  1. brontespageturners

    Gosh I lvo0e charity shops too. I get all I books from there. I’d be completely bankrupt otherwise. It’s a great way to save money, recycle, and be charitable. It’s one of the few things I’m principled about lol. Bronte



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