More charity shop bargains 

I love my local charity shop. We only have one within walking distance and everything is £3 or under. 

Today I went for a look with my children and picked up a lovely purple/pink top for myself that will look lovely with a pair of jeans. Bargain at £2

purple charity bargain top
My daughter complained that it was all grown up stuff until I pointed out the children’s section! She picked up a lovely Florence & Fred top again for £2. 

florence & fred girls top
Finally I had a look at the books even though I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more until i had read everything that I have. Until I looked at the cookbooks. I bought a Hairy Bikers diet cookbook for £1. I offered it to my mum but she already had it. I’m quite glad because there are quite a few recipes I want to try!

hairy bikers diet cookbook
Today was a good day. 


Last week still tops it for best bargain buys at the charity shop. 

A AT-AT, a AT-ST and an X-Wing from Star Trek for my youngest. I got all of these for £6. And they are in brilliant condition. I’m just gutted I missed the Millenium Falcon by about 3 minutes!

star wars toys
I wonder what I will find next?

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