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Online Shopping – How to Save Money

Online shopping is a huge business and with most of us, the ability to spend money is simply a few clicks away on the phone or pad. Most of my shopping (except groceries because I love food shopping) is done on the Internet and mainly via apps on my phone.

Here are my top tips to saving money when you shop online.

  1. Know what you are looking for? Google it and click the shopping tab. This will bring up loads of sites and prices where you can buy.
  2. Check eBay and Amazon. These don’t always show up in a search.
  3. Found the perfect site with the perfect price? Sign up to their newsletter – chances are you will receive an email with a code for money off your first order.
  4. Check cashback websites. Might as well earn some cashback on that purchase. I use TopCashBack and love it!
  5. Search for voucher/discount codes that you can use. There are loads of sites that can help you with this such as VoucherCodes and PromotionalCodes.
  6. No discount from the newsletter? Add the item to your basket and leave it there. Some sites will then email you offering an incentive to complete the purchase.
  7. Don’t forget to earn any points – check to see if they offer Nectar points on purchases. eBay does!
  8. Take advantage of free delivery. If your item isn’t urgent then take the free or cheaper shipping that takes a few days rather than the expensive next day delivery.
  9. A lot of items on eBay and Amazon are from China. Check Ali Express, the same item from the same seller may be on there at a lower price.
  10. If a site has a ‘chat now’ function, use it and see if they will offer you a discount. This often works on sites that sell electrical goods.


And none of these points even starts to go down the route of ‘do I actually need it?’


Just a few ways to save when you shop online! Let me know if you have any other ways!

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How much for a pair of trainers?!?

Ever been asked for something by a child only to realise it is ridiculously expensive?

My 14 year old recently asked for a new pair of trainers. In his defence he did say they wouldn’t be needed until April but he knew exactly which ones he wanted. £75 Adidas Flux, specifically the black ones with white sole. 

£75! Really?!?
I said I would have a look but couldn’t guarantee anything.  
Well then next plan was to knock a third off the price and get them for under £50. The husband would have bought them at full price but I just couldn’t justify that much on a pair of trainers that he will grow out of in a matter of months. 

I managed to find some for £58 after cashback and voucher codes but that wasn’t good enough. 

Then last night a Twitter message popped up from @babyandtotsshop – they had found them on Amazon for £52! Almost there! I had £9 in gift cards left on my account so BOOM £75 trainers for a grand total of £43. And free delivery. 

I can’t wait to see his face when they arrive!!

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