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April update

I can’t believe it is April already! The first few months of 2017 have certainly been interesting and my plan to reduce debts as well as have a ‘free’ Christmas could have totally gone to pot. Luckily, it is starting to work out again and I can get back to saving, clearing debts and blogging. 

Christmas savings

I am saving well. So far I have:

  • £130 Love2Shop vouchers
  • £120 Asda vouchers
  • £19 Morrisons vouchers 

I also have money saved on my Nectar card and Advantage card but I’m not going to count those at the minute as they are minimal. 

I am really happy with these figures but I definitely need to work on the Morrisons vouchers, last year I had over £70. 


I’m still paying off my debts. I am currently working on one that started at £269 and it is now down to £160. I’m really happy with this as I am paying it off with money that I make on eBay. All I need to do now is work hard on selling things on eBay as I have become a bit slow about it since my job changed. My target to get it paid by 28th May is still very much on track. 

The plan for April

It’s simple. Get everything on eBay. Make money. Pay debts. And blog! 

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July update

June has been a good month for saving. I feel like I am actually getting somewhere and Christmas is starting to not look quite so expensive!!

So far I have:

Love2Shop vouchers – £165.89

Asda vouchers – £205

Compliments vouchers – £40

Morrisons vouchers – £40

Boots points – £12

Nectar points – £21

 I’m in line this month to get another £5 Morrisons voucher through their ‘more card’ and enough points from Bounts for a £10 voucher. I just need to decided what voucher to get!

Christmas shopping has started so time to start those lists!!

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